to appear after being hidden or not active for a long time, especially in order to do something unpleasant
After you've been in a relationship for a long while, all sorts of little secrets start to come out of the woodwork.

Racists and extreme nationalists are crawling out of the woodwork to protest at the sudden increase in the number of immigrants.
by LovelyDaisy February 9, 2012
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That was very Random...
We talkin Bout Usher u gunna turn around and talk bout SpongeBoB..THAT SHIT CAME OUT OF DA WOODWORKS!!
by Dominique Wisemen June 5, 2006
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Yo Smudge! Grab your nine - these bandicoots are pooping out the woodwork!
by savonnn February 5, 2009
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When a string of unexpected and potentially annoying or crappy events occur, or when annoying or crappy people/animals/objects begin to appear in rapid succession without prior notice.
by JAMZ! February 6, 2009
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