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Definition 1: It means the most smart and/or creative.

Definition 2: It means lack of, or unable to have common sense.

Definition 3: A person who is able to accept and/or embrace other people's flaws.

Definition 4: To be hyper active and/or quick in movement

Definition 5: Able to forget certain things quickly at random

Definition 6: A rage that is feared by all

Definition 7: A person who is really loving

Definition 8: A liar who can't cheat

Definition 9: To be logical, realistic and/or reasonable

Definition 10: To be honor bound to responsibilities

Definition 11: An underdog who's loved by all
I love him because he's an ouhua.
We can always count on an ouhua.
I'm never nervous when I make eye contact with an ouhua.
by Candy Apple and Cherry Gum November 20, 2014
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