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A term defining the feeling when you fart so hard that is hurts a bit deep inside your rectum. A feeling as if the fart scratched an itch that didn't need such hard scratching, and there may not have been an itch that needed scratching in the first place. An ouch-fart is similar to an itch-fart but much more intense. After the pain of the ouch-fart subsides, one usually feels a zen-like trance of beauty and acceptance come over them and then they may feel like having sex, drinking alcohol or getting hammered on some kind of heavy drugs, as their lowest of the low chakra has been stimulated through such an intense fart.
Guy: 'Pffffrrrrrtttt!!!! Youchie!!!'
Girl: 'Ooooh, gross, don't do that in bed, babe!'
Guy: 'Ooooff, that one hurt, frickin' ouch-fart, bebe, kind of tickled me deep inside or something. Kinda smarts a little!!!'
Girl: 'You're weird, dude, come and fuck me or something, just no more farting in bed'
Guy: 'Ok, fine, spread that greasy hole wide and I'll ram it home'
by coozehound72 August 30, 2010
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