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only you are successful, help. Statement or feeling down, helpless, and or if something wrongfully happens to you. You can never sense ouash as it comes, it just happens.
1. "Did you get the job promotion? You had all the skills and great prior experience." "No, they gave it to the hot chick who was banging the boss, ouash."
2. "Hey do you wanna go to the movies tonight?" "No, I mean you're cool and sweet, and a good guy, but not the best looking so i just wanna be friends." "ouash."
3. Looks like I'm not going away to college, only got into the lame ass school next to home, ouash.
4. Did you see Machida kick Couture in the face?! OUASH!
5. My Saturday night consisted of boredom and my laptop. ouash
6. Everyone i know got invited to the party except me, ouash.
7. Hey there goes that kid that is masterdating and goes to the mall and restaurants and book stores and movies and shit by himself because he has no friends. ouash.
8. Wtf? dude we're you just sitting under a tree? Because a bird just shitted all over you! ouash.
by ImMisterSolo May 09, 2011
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