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A normally invisible allure that is emitted from an otome that attracts particularly desperate otaku, causing the otaku to either fall in love on the spot or to feel the need to ask the otome for a date almost immediately after having met her.

If the aura is strong enough, it is said that color may be detected radiating from the otome, and also has the potential to weaken and kill any otaku nearby.

It is an aura emitted from an otome who is friendly, at least slightly physically attractive, and is interested in at least one similar hobby with the otaku they have just met.

First coined by the friends of an otome with a strong aura that caused at least one otaku to stalk her, and at least 3 guys she had just met to ask her out or almost ask her out on the spot.
"Her otome aura caused him to stalk her for over two years although they've only spoken once..."

"...she likes anime, video games, dresses up in cosplay... her otome aura is quite strong."

"I was almost killed by her bright pick otome aura, but was rescued by my close friend Babar just in time."
by TakiTaki May 07, 2007
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