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The Origional Toaster Lover's Of Guelph.
A group of women shunned, men, located in Guelph, that some say the former Sir James stole the name of his enemy revolutionaries from. This group who call them selves
Otlog for short have long been outraged at James' behaviour, claiming he shunned and disgraced his real father, whom they claim was Otlog's deceased founder, and the only member of Otlog to ever have had relations with a real woman.
James denies any knowleage of such a group, but says that if they love toasters they are of course his enemy. This further outraged the group who claim if they had the resources would indeed rise up to take James and his armies down. Some of their members try frequently and ineffectually to thwart and or capture James, and his comrades.
However on August 17th 2007, they almost suceeded by poisoning James' drink at a party, causing temporary amnesia and inability to articulate, spiralling into the events that led to his de-knighting.
After a brief retreat into terrified hiding the Otlog has been heard bragging, out of James' arms reach, anyway.
Also it is good to note, that unlike the possibly fictional Toaster Lovers of James' rantings in his war on the Toaster Revolution, these toaster lovers actually have relations with toasters.
The Otlog only wishes for two things: to marry toasters, and to get James killed.
by James Dracon February 08, 2008
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