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Otakuhime is a woman that is extremely beautiful but also haughty and violent. She drives men nuts with her feminist views and pounces on anyone that uses the words "slut" or "whore" to describe a girl, no matter how true. Just when a man thinks he cannot handle her any longer he realizes he is hopelessly in love with her, but feels utterly helpless because he cannot control her or comprehend her weird ways no matter how he tries. She will always deny that she is only attracted to guys that are poor and/or sick and unhealthy. She speaks more with slaps and kicks than words. Beware, any objects within her reach (heavy, sharp) might be hurled at you during a fight.
friend: How did you get a concussion?
me: My girlfriend turned out to be an otakuhime.

me: Jane is driving me crazy. I love her but she is nuts!
friend: What happened?
me: She's a complete otakuhime! I can't decide whether I want to hold her down and fuck her or bash her skull open.
by TheWiener June 26, 2013
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