Someone who doesn’t want to admit that they are a weeaboo
Shut up, I’m not a weeaboo! I’m an otaku!!
by Boodian January 15, 2018
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A otaku is a person, usually male, watches SERIOUS anime. They usually stay in the comfort of their home but come out when there are expos. If they do reach these expos, he/she will probably spend their whole life's allowance on: Squish pillows, manga, super rare colectibles, and chibi figures. When at home, they will have most of their job money put on trying to hold on a subscription to things like VRV or Funimation (also Crunchyroll!). A otaku ranges from 5 years old (keep on watchin' Pokemon.), to mature level, which is like 17 or older.
Why does he wahtch so much so much anime, that Otaku.
by otaku December 2, 2018
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An Otaku is a person whos upset with Anime/Anime video games/manga,.. Etc

Most of otaku don't express themselves or call themselves otaku ( since people in japanese take otaku as an insult ) because they are shy, sensitive, may or may not suffering from depression, like a person who have living in their house no contact with human interaction
If your friend/family or a person you know is an otaku then please be nice and solf but yet tell them to go out side speak to some people,.. Etc

And yes otaku or weebaboo are trash
Otaku = the loser of the family
Weeaboo = the adopted one thats no one ask for or wanted
OtakuA: Hey..
WeeabooB: Ohaiyooooooo !! ~ ^_^
Normal personC: Sup'
Weeaboo: So A i heard that you are an otaku, can sensei tell me what anime should i watch ?? @-@
OtakuA: Ah no no, you must have miss heard i'm not an otaku i'm just happen to have a liking to anime!

Normal personC: Dude we know you are an otaku man, we have seen your room
by KarmaPixelsLeTrash September 9, 2017
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A male/female whom is in love with a fictonal character. The character is often from an anime,or dating simulator. Otakus are oftenly over obessed with the character. No matter the gender,the gender if the fictonal character is often male.
“She’s such an otaku.”
by ex dee July 5, 2019
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Otaku means OTAKU. Those who don't search for the definition will understand the true meaning of Otaku.

Created by the Genius of Zeus and Hades
Get the Otaku out of here!
All the ladies are lining up for my Otaku!
Your argument is Otaku!
I would like to Otaku you.
by MasterOfOtaku September 10, 2012
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A Weeaboo that is scared of getting called a weeb
"Want to hang out with Josh later?"
"No way dude, this guy is just a weeb anyways."
by HeroGADS March 27, 2021
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