A loser or a nerd. Someone who is so consumed by anime they think it is cool.
If you like anime, you are an otaku
by Xxxjojobean420xxx June 24, 2020
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A otaku is a person, usually male, watches SERIOUS anime. They usually stay in the comfort of their home but come out when there are expos. If they do reach these expos, he/she will probably spend their whole life's allowance on: Squish pillows, manga, super rare colectibles, and chibi figures. When at home, they will have most of their job money put on trying to hold on a subscription to things like VRV or Funimation (also Crunchyroll!). A otaku ranges from 5 years old (keep on watchin' Pokemon.), to mature level, which is like 17 or older.
Why does he wahtch so much so much anime, that Otaku.
by otaku December 02, 2018
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he is a sexy weeb and he can pull all the waifus. coolest kid in school and badass. makes me want wet my pants everyday when i see him
he is the most hottest weeb in school ahhh otaku john
by john245boss March 01, 2019
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Regular otaku, who wears long black coats from metalshop even in hellish weather. In other words, special snowflake or just simple attention-seeking pleb.
anon: He calls himself black otaku.
anon2: He only wants attention.

anon: Why he's wearing black coat in 36°C?
anon2: Because he's black otaku.
by mionelol November 29, 2016
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