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Originated in Kirksville, MO with Andrew Taylor Still, MD, the founding father of Osteopathic Medicine (DO). The osteostache is a manly mustache worn by an osteopathic physician or medical student.

The osteostache has evolved since 1892 to include a mustache as the foundation and any variation of the remaining facial hair, often shaved to resemble civil war generals, adult film stars, famous WWII dictators, crickers, or the lettering of the heritage of A. T.'s name sake: ATSU or KCOM.

The osteostache is worn with pride by KCOM second year medical students as they welcome the incoming class of first year medical students to Kirksville and KCOM - A time honored tradition with regards to A. T. Still and all practicing DOs.
New med student #1: "Dude, what is the deal with all of these second year students and their cricker mustaches?

New med student #2: "I don't know, but they look like A. T. Still..."

Old med student: "It is the osteostache my dear children. Live it. Love it. Fear it. It keeps the incredible amount of knowledge I've learned from herniating my brain through my face...True Story."
by kcommedic August 04, 2011
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