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pronounced- ahz-noff
1. the secretion/act of secreting of semen from the male reproductive organ, esp. after anal sex or a mild beating.
2. the end piece of a roller coaster track, directly behind the station.
3. a male emo who is rejected by the rest of his emo friends because his hair does not do that flippy thing/cover up on eye. or, because he wears men's-not women's-jeans. (the act of being "osnoffed" by the emos)
def. 1. BOY, did that man osnof after he was whipped with the cinnabon!
def 2. Damn, we've been sitting on this osnof all day and i'm afraid that the roller coaster might hit me.
def. 3 Dang, you can barely see that osnoff's package in his male jeans! We, the emos, shall osnof him!
by john patrick December 14, 2005
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