a CAD function called object snap making it easier to connect lines to each other. shortcut key f3. architect slang word for oh snap!
by the nickster September 21, 2005
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The most useful tool in AutoCad, this side of Ortho and Fillet. It snaps to predefined points along lines, polylines or shapes.

It saves your ass from having to zoom all the way in to get lines to look like they join. Just hover nearby til the yellow box pops up, click, and you're golden.

Osnap= F3
Ortho= F8
however, be advised that F3+F8 does not equal F11

Also, don't forget to PEdit those newly Osnapped lines into badass polylines!
Osnap! I forgot to use Ortho now my shit's all crooked and not joined.

When you use Osnap in conjunction with Ortho, you'll be virtually unstoppable.
by lankysob November 21, 2005
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See oh snap and/or oh snap!
Guy #1: That's what she said!
Guy #2: osnap!
by phats0 April 4, 2009
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