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When a person automatically dislikes a new version, sequel, or remake of a movie, TV show, or video game (usually without even trying it) just because it isn't "the original" version that they grew up with. This is especially common with older generations, as well as hardcore fanbases of some series (Star Wars and the hatred for the prequel trilogy being a notable example).
*Drew has a bad case of original-itis. Even though Daniel Craig's performance as James Bond has received excellent praise from critics , he refuses to even watch the new Bond films just because they aren't the old Connery films that he grew up with.

My English teacher's original-itis told the class that Leonardo DiCaprio's Romeo + Juliet movie was a bastardization of Shakespeare's play. She was shocked when I informed her that Shakespeare's play was actually copied from on older Italian poem "Romeus and Juliet".
by Anon989989 July 29, 2015
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