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When you are trying to order at a food establishment, and feel pressured to order quickly so you order the first thing that you see on the menu without actually knowing what it is.

Also occurs when the place has a new menu, or has an overwhelming amount of options to choose from.
Cashier: Hi, can I take your order?

You: Uh, yeah just give me a second to look at the menu.
(Looks around)
(Don't know what you want)
(Keep looking)
(Cashier looks at watch)

Cashier: So, Can I take your order?

(Still don't know what you want because you're looking at the menu but aren't actually reading it

You: (say in one breath) uhyeahi'lljusthavethejamaicanjerkchicken

Friend: Dude, what the fuck is jamaican jerk chicken?
You: I don't know, I had order panic.
by idon'tknowwhattoorder June 14, 2009
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