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When a girl jacks off your wee wee with her armpit. The sweatier the better.
"Man that bitch gave me some orangutan cheesecake for dessert!"
by Corey R. April 23, 2008
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When a male is having intercourse with a partner, then forces said partner's face into their armpit until the partner vomits. The man then scrapes the vomit into a pie-plate and mixes with cream cheese, then forces his partner to eat it.
Guy 1: "Man, my girl's into some weird shit, and she wanted to try something new, so I didn't shower for like, three days, and I gave her an orangutan-cheesecake last night."
Guy 2: "Dude! That's fuckin' sick! Did she like it?"
Guy 1: " Nah, man.....nah..."
by The Keallach February 20, 2014
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