A banana genetically spliced with an orange, and it had a hole in the middle.
Silver - Do you have a banana or an orango?

Aki - Umm...an orango?

Silver - No you don't...*snickers*

Aki - ...YOU'RE SICK!!
by Saki Lawliet February 26, 2008
a banana genetically spliced with an orange, with a hole in the middle
you have a very nice orango, but not as good as mine
by fragment February 26, 2008
how a ripoff brand spelled orange
''Oi one orango star drink please oh right this be called fanta here''
by Orango person October 26, 2019
Both tang flavors -orange and mango mixed together named that flavor orango
Sean - Go make some tang for us
Fin- what flavor
Sean- orango - our personal recipe
by Noor grewal April 6, 2021