This is a Dirty Sanchez, but can only be performed when the receiver eats a sizable quantity of Escolar. Escolar, commonly referred to as the "Olestra of the Sea", contains an indigestible oil, which, once passed through a digestive system, comes out as oily, orange diarrhea.

The result is an orange-colored moustache, as opposed to the usual brown.
I took this bitch out for some Escolar sushi last night, and later on, I gave her an orange slice!
by br0wn3ye August 10, 2009
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The act of taking an orange and creating a tunnel for your penis to fit, and having intercourse with it.
by Mikekelly March 16, 2010
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a word used by white people who are writing in their Oregon Trail Diary to write about their friends
by Lauren and Steph January 29, 2006
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The art of sticking 2 peinis into a orange with a hole in the middle
" bro I want orange slices"
" Ew that's nasty"
by Cracker jacker mom October 15, 2019
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