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The metaphorical reasoning for why it seems like every weirdo out there has no trouble finding their 'mate' and the reason why normal people have to wait longer to find someone.

The world is like a drawer full of socks. None of the socks are matched up with their match. Now, their are dozens of normal looking regular white socks in the drawer; however, it is hard to pick up one white sock and quickly find its perfect match. However, if there are two bright orange socks in the drawer too, it is really easy to match them up. Weirdos can find each other because they are like the orange socks. Normal people who can't find a mate shouldn't feel bad, they are simply a white sock.
Mark: "God! Raymond and Jenny are getting married. They are like the weirdest people in the entire world! How can they find each other, but I can't find anyone!?!?"
Sam: "It's because they are orange socks, dude!"
Mark: "Oh yeah... thanks man. It's cool because I'm a white sock."
by Marilyn Beale June 21, 2009
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