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A Hillbilly Opera. An Opry is "high-style" to a redneck.
Formal attire is the proper mode of dress at a classic opera. Overalls for men, garish polyester stretched impossibly thin over mountains of fat, accented with a crown of big hair for women, is the accepted attire at The Grand Ole Opry.
by Bluto Van Byrd October 22, 2006
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1. A cry or shout, usually in the midst of battle or raunchy sex.

2. A descendant of the once mighty King of pry

3. The male excuse for not having sex
1. "O'PRY!"

2. "Your last name is O'Pry, you must be a descendant of the once mighty King of Pry ... or a lesbian"

3. "Oh man, I'm sorry, I just O'Pryed earlier
by The Jolly Rancher October 04, 2008
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