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(adj): 1. Similar in trait and disposition to Jason Onorati 2. Exhibiting masochistic willingness to voluntarily subject oneself to ridicule by others by creating disadvantageous self-effacing situations 3. Well-meaning speech or gesture circumvented by extremely poor choice of verbiage or action 4. Incomprehensible, as pertaining to verbal or physical communication 5. Featuring incredible capacity to assimilate new random hobbies and interests with fanatical zeal and no provocation or precedence 6. Possessing inability to recognize when laughter by others a product of ridicule rather than clever or witty banter.

Example of Onoratish statement:

"This apartment is big and beautiful, just like you."

Examples of Onoratish response in dialogue:

"I feel fat and ugly."

"You're not fat."

"I love you."

"I loveā€¦.softball."

Example of voluntary subjection to ridicule:

"I joined a fencing tournament."

Example of fanatical assimilation of new interests without precedence:

"Do you know what is awesome? Premier League Football."
by Courtney O November 07, 2006
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