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Oniel means someone who is mostly kindhearted, generous and ambitious. He always tries to strive for the best but is sometimes taken for granted because of his kindness and gullibleness. Sometimes he may act like a hypocrite, a push-over or doormat and he may think he's superior to otjetst and he tends to act competitive. But overall he is a good person.
Example 1: Anna! You need to stand up for yourself at times. Stop being such an oniel.

Example 2: Dude... Your wife is the breadwinner of the house and you're not helping her so much. I'm getting tired of these Oniels treating their wives like this no wonder they cheat.

Example 3: Anna, is so kind amd oblivious to certain things
. She is such an Oniel that's why they treat her like a fool sometimes.
by The anonymous X February 05, 2018
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