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1. 100 having sex with each other

2. My future birthday party

3. The wildest shit ever

4. Best night ever

See also: threesome, sex. and orgy
Person 19: OMG! It's SOO HOT IN HERE
Person 66: That is NOT my hand
Person 2: Oops, sorry, that's supposed to be up your ass!
Person 79: WTF ARE WE DOING?
Persons 1,43, 34, and 100: a ONE-HUNDRED-SOME!
by ihateurmom June 22, 2010
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What turns Atheist's into a Believer. Once it's all done they will see the face of God.
Todd and ninety nine girls had a onehundredsome last night. Wish I was invited.
by Weirdo Sheep June 02, 2018
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