This word is used to respect our lord and savior Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy’s son, Gekyume. You can say on Gekyume instead of on god and you should because Gekyume is a god.
Bruh on Gekyume join da gang.
I won’t reload my pistol cock it back and shoot you twice if you give me $420.
Really on Gekyume?
by Sad little salty boi March 13, 2019
A word made by XXXTentacion meaning a “different state” or “nextuniverse of thought.
by Stokeley March 30, 2018
Means “a different state” or “nextuniverse of thought
I am in the next gekyume of thinking
by Idk1341 March 30, 2018
A word invented by rapper xxxtentacion to describe a different, more advanced mentality of thinking. In an instagram story he defines the word as follows: a “different state” or “next” universe of thought
I am in the next gekyume of thinking
by @reeshiebaby March 31, 2018
A alternate state of oneself or thought.

The earliest known use of this noun is by user @xxxtentacion on Instagram on 30 March 2018.
“I am currently in the next gekyum of thinking” - xxxtentacion
by @YoshiTrash March 31, 2018
Gekyume- A word created and thought of by no other than daddy X (XXXTentacion).

Gekyume- A "different state" or "next" universe of thought
"I am in the next gekyume of thinking"

Pronounced: Geck-yoom
by xbadvibes__ March 30, 2018
The next level of thinking or of anything you do
I have transcended to the next gekyume😇
by Tahadhari April 9, 2018