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mating call for JT the JEWTARD.
JT the Jewtard is in the same family of sasquatches. Bipedal Hominoid. It is hairy, smelly, grunts a lot, stupid as hell. appears on the beef jerky commercials.


ohhh-mah-ti ; bee

Here is the important part. How do you say ";"?
you make a click noise with your tongue.

so it will be like..
ohhh-mah-ti click* bee?

It's fun to say this in indian accent / african accent and such.

also can be substituted for word fuck.
you omati;b prick (you fucking prick)
let's omati;b (let's fuck)
i'm going to omati;b you up. (i'm going to fuck you up)

you get the point.
by Jewtard club presidente January 24, 2008
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