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She is very beautiful and outgoing person. She has interests for music and singing. There the type of person you can go to for advice at any time. You can trust her with anything and you won’t regret it. They fall in love very quick, sometimes it’s goid and sometimes it’s bad but when it’s bad they are broken for a while but when they get over it they love themselves to the max and they don’t care about what anyone says. As some of them say they got some big butts and big boobs so if you meet a thia you better make her a keeper. They love life to the fullest and they laugh all the time but when you get them on they nerves you better leave them alone because they will blow up on you. They hate fake people and they hate people who lie to them, especially over the most stupidest things.

They never turn there backs on there true friends and the stay true to there squads but they love them most importantly. If you meet a thia make sure you never lose one
Omg olynthia is so beautiful and she’s a keeper
by Alyssa Maria May 21, 2018
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