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OLEDUIT;oh-le-do-it;oh, let's do it - popular lyrics from the southern rapper Waka Flocka Flame.

Commonly used to convey extreme enthusiasm toward participating in an event, i.e., fighting, getting fucked up, having sex, and other activities of such nature.

Real Nigga #1: You tryna' hit the club tonight, son? I just copped a grip of dro from my nigga, Ronald, I'm finna' get faded as fuck!
Real Nigga #2: Nigga, I'm 'bout to get my knob slobbed tonight--OLEDUIT!!!


White Guy #1: Hey, dude! You down for some skateboarding later?
White Guy #2: For sure! Oh, let's DO it!
by deejk September 26, 2011
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