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A term that defines anglo-saxon australian-born people, ojjies have a passion for drinking beer and smoking cigarettes and "pulling billies" and are very racist in attitude towards those from ethnic backgrounds, aussies are inconsiderate loudmouthed yobbos that shouldn't have a say in anything because half the time they open their mouths, they're either drunk as anything or just say something plain stupid, also an important note i must add, "ojjies" have very low vocabularies and often repeat the same words over and over because they cannot think of anything else to say, well anything that makes sense
Bob: "How ya going mate?"
Dean: "Yeah champ, good mate no worries"
Bob: "No worries mate"
Dean: "No worries champ, yep"
Bob: "Hear about them "wogs" calling us ojjies??"
Dean: "Yeah fucken dirty wogs mate, she'll be right, no worries"
by lopezsiempre January 07, 2007
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