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a place in northern pennsylvania where drugs, drinking, kicking kid's asses and getting pregnant are the popular things to do. stupid ass school.
"yo, you know that chick tina?"
"yeah yeah man"
"she goes to oil city area high school."
"dude, bad news."
by birthing bitches January 08, 2008
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A big piece of turd extruded from the shit flap of andy dick himself. The most popular things to do are shit on the principal's lawn. fuck, drink, get busted, die, & yell at people. Its one big cluster fuck of shit with more shit.
Sam: Have you been to Oil City Area High School?

Phil: yeah, it was a cluster fuck.

Sam: yeah i once chewed my leg off to get out of there

Phil: How the fuck are you still walking?!?!?

Sam:Shit....... * thump * You asshole
by Fifty cal March 09, 2011
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A place you never want to go. You are a supposive young adult there. When you get in trouble for something that you didn't even do you get locked in a small ass room that gets to a fucking 100 degrees fahrenheit. Sometimes half the shit you get in trouble doesn't even make any fucking sense. For example if you just are asking some lady if she is going to become a school shooter you will get in trouble. I wonder if the principal is a pedophile since the girls who look attractive and look good get away with just about every fucking thing.Even if they did something and need to be disciplined they still don't .Evidence.
To sum it all up if you want a better education and your attending oil city area high school, then get the fuck out and run while you have the fucking chance. If you don't attend this school and plan to don't. Trust me youll be better in the long.
by One little hellian November 13, 2017
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