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A word used to tell your friend you are going to "kill him" for hitting you in the nads, but you are so drunk your words run together. Pronounced "O-YER-DED" this word can be used by anyone at anytime although it is 10 to 15 times funnier when you are piss faced drunk. Normally used when you are dancing around with the JACK bottle in your hand and your "buddy" comes from behind and gives ya the old reach around nut hammer. Normally followed by laughter and extreme pain to both parties that is if you can see him.
"Whoa Yeah!! shake my ass show me what you got (ball shot) Ohyerded!

" Hey i pissed in that barcardi bottle dude!" BLurrrrrp Ohyerded hoooooorffff!!!! <- (puke sounds)
by Jason June 17, 2006
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