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n the doing of the complete and exact opposite of what a regular, sane, and sensible human being would do; a horrible disease in which the sufferer will show symptoms of logic loss, lack of sense, jokes lacking wit or humour of any kind; associated with anything that Ofelia in Pan's Labryinth would do

adj: ofeliaological

This word stems from the protagonist's name in the movie Pan's Labryinth, as the character is seen to follow through with actions that most (or dare I say all) would deem very irrational, to the point of blatantly disobeying a terrifying looking faun-creature and creepy fairies (that were eaten by the pale man after silly Ofelia ate those grapes) that she dreamed up in her hallucinogenic imagination. Because of the wildness of her imagination, one would think that her visions were preceded by consumption of certain narcotics.

Synonyms: Spanish psychology, Spanish reverse psychology, reverse psychology, illogical, Spanish Logic
Ryan's got a severe case of ofeliaology.

Jumping off a plane flying 35,000 feet in the air without a parachute would be very ofeliaological.
by Old Snake July 16, 2008
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