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An igbo name meaning "in the hands of God". Odinaka is a very strong willed and passionate man. He is caring, loving, zealous and strong. He is usually handsome and body built. Every girl wants to date him. He takes care of girls and puts others before him. Odinaka is someone you want in your life.
by Always00000Always000001 September 20, 2019
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Hot, nice hair, sexy lips and cute nose, you can get lost in his eyes forever, has an amazing sexy body and is amazing in bed, he's amazing at sucking tits and licking pussy, he can make you feel like having sex everytime you're in bed with him, an amazing kisser who makes you moan till you cum.

He has an amazing funny , witty personality, can always find the good in bad situations, sometimes, he dosent take things as serious as he should, very playful in and out of bed, multi talented, amazing voice, cute whenever he's blushing and very shy. Rare to find and easy to loose
Wow he sounds like such an Odinaka
by Melod123 November 05, 2019
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