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Spoiled brats that blame hard-working, successful people for magically causing the failures of their own lives. Occutards have been coddled by their parents from birth and given everything they want without being expected to work for it. Now grown, they expect the government to arrive in place of their parents and provide everything their hearts desire for free. Furthermore, they believe that camping out in front of a random bank/government office will accomplish this goal. Can be heard regurgitating Marxist slogans, demonizing "the rich", whining about the inequities of life and condemning "evil corporations" for destroying their "fair chance". Occutard camps allow them to return to their natural state of not bathing, defecating/fornicating in public and participating in drum circles. Their ultimate goal is to create the occutard utopia in which the nanny-state plunders money from the productive members of society and "redistributes" it to them, removing any necessity to ever work.
"I tried to go to City Hall today but couldn't make it past the stench of the occutard camp! Haven't those people ever heard of a toilet?" -Productive Citizen

"When will these occutards go away? They're scaring away all my customers!" -Respectable Local Business Owner
by magneticmonopole October 26, 2011
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