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A president who acts like he has been up a fat pussy and bleed on.

A president who has been used, bloodied, then thrown away.

A president who is a douche.

An instrument of Hillary Clinton.

A president who's International Relations mirrors Jimmy Carters.

A president who is like a chicago dog, long, spicy, and full of shit

a president who is like eating at uno's, thick, tough, and tasteless

a president who cowers to his wife, eats pie when her head is turned, and then is thrown away like Larry David.
Obombaclot asked Quadaffi to step down. Instead, Quadaffi rocketed him like a stinger.

Obombaclot, change we can believe in, in cycles.

The debt limit is about to be reached, obombaclot my yut, everythang plugin.

what the obombaclot, my electric car died in my garage.

obombaclot, my dollars only worth 20 cents

The roads in my town suck, obombaclot, the American recovery and reinvestment act has been building 2 miles of road for 3 years

I have testicular cancer, Obombaclot, they only care about breast cancer

I smoke, so does Obama, why the Obombaclot do i pay 40% taxes then

i like pie, obama like pie. everyone likes pie. why the fuck do we have to obombaclot listen to his wife then and eat pickles.

I dribe a mustang. Obombaclot drives a 757. climate change, what the obombaclot.
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