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Literally, the combining of the three words oblivious,idiot and auto (otto) thus: o/'bliv/i/ot/to

Generally, a person of low intellect that consciously or subconsciously either; interferes, interrupts, disrupts, and/or creates an unwarranted disturbance or unwanted presence of him/herself. Thus causing it's audience feelings ranging from annoyance, aggravation, bewilderment, awe, anger, and occasionally rage.

Noun: OBLIVIOTTOS are commonly found at the root of most non-collision traffic jams.

Under most circumstances they can be seen talking/texting on phones, or eating, or staring at themselves in their rear-view mirrors primping/preening and or shaving, all the while occasionally looking at the road to see if they've hit anything yet.

On care and discipline of an OBLIVIOTTOS. In frustration with an OBLIVIOTTO, confrontation is not advised as they are at most times quite shameless and the effect of discipline is fruitless. The OBLIVIOTTO may even become insulted by being isolated for clearly obvious social or moral infractions.

In personal vehicles the reactions from infractions can range from shameless cursing , to, being flipped the bird and occasionally can lead to road rage up until possible physical violence. Not to worry , Obliviottos mostly bark more than they bite.

If caught alone , they will front, so make like your gunna smash in their teeth with a sweet hammer fist and they'll think you're crazy and will accordingly run screaming for back-up.
As I inched closer toward the green light at the intersection, I realized that there was no accident slowing down rush hour traffic, instead there was this complete OBLIVIOTTO with his car stereo blaring, jerkin' away on his smart phone, all the while giving out the middle finger to any passing motorists who honked or gave him the stink face. It was then that I opened my trunk got out my tire iron walked over to the OBLIVIOTTOS car and smashed off their side view mirrors. ahhh! poetic discipline :) Obliviots seldom use their mirrors anyway
by garishblare March 01, 2014
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