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An episode of hysteria triggered as a result of criticizing policies, tactics or political appointees of the Obama administration for any reason, without regard for, or acknowledgement or consideration of, facts, reasons or statisics that otherwise wholly support and justify such criticism. There appears to be a strong correlation between those individuals who are most prone to engage in such episodes and those who also suffer from "Bush Derangement Syndrom" ("BDR") or "Palin Derangement Syndrome" ("PDR"). Behavioral manifestations of Obamasterics include, but are not limited to, placing blame on unrelated events or individuals, ad-hominem attacks on such individuals (as well as the individual offering such criticism), relying upon feelings, emotion and/or conjecture as substantive support in responding to such criticism, multiple attempts to change or ignore the subject matter of the criticism, and characterizing such criticism as racially motivated.
John: Yesterday, while waiting in line at Starbucks, I happened to notice a headline on a newspaper on display for sale that the unemployment rate was 9.5%, and I then remarked to my wife that President Obama's stimulus package was a total failure, as he said that the unemployment rate would not go higher than 8%. Some guy with a stubble beard right behind us in line, wearing a knit scarf, funky shoes and funky black glasses with rectangular frames, must have overheard me, since he immediately launched into some kind of diatribe about how Obama couldn't be expected to undo all of the harm and lies of the Bush Administration, that nobody gives Obama a break because he's black, and that the Republicans are preventing Obama from passing another stimulus bill that would fix the economy. He just went on and on, and wouldn't even let me get any words in edgewise. I mean, this guy was totally in Obamasterics.

Mary: So what did you do?

John: Well, after he had gone off for about 10 minutes, even following me back to my table after I had picked up my coffee, I smiled and gave him some change and told him to remember it in November! At that point he just muttered some insults under his breath and started pounding keys on his laptop.
by BA from PA July 08, 2010
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