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A girl who loves to have sex with rowers.
That girl's fucked every guy in the eight, she's such an oarwhore
by amachster August 20, 2006
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A girl (or guy) who gets with multiple people on the crew team and is a sucker for the tight race suits that hug the athletes bodies.

--Similar to the idea of a "laxsitute"
Oarsman #1 "So dude, Jenni was all over me last night... she had a great stroke...if you know what i mean"
Oarsman #2 " Wait like Jenni in the V8+? No way may, I got with her too last night."
Oarsman #3 "She obviously likes tall, tan and yoked guys like us...what an oar whore"
Coxswain " tell me about it... when she found my coxbox, it was all over..."
by Grace Farmer May 31, 2013
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