An accepted variation of saying "Jesus Christ" within circles in the Washington DC area.

Jeez o Flips you scared the shit outta me!
by Ferron PH February 24, 2009
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Literally - Flipping Ounces

Buying weed for cheap then selling to make a profit
by Loverica September 6, 2013
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In order to criticize your opponent, you are willing to flip flop on your opinion or opposition view. Even if it means appearing like a hypocrite to win an argument.

A good example in politics would be conservatives yelling "my body my choice" which is typically an argument they have rejected for decades with abortion rights. However, in the debate over the vaccine is an argument they are temporarily willing to adopt the “my body, my choice” mantra in a sarcastic and facetious that does not align with their beliefs. But they are willing to temporarily adopt the saying way to win a debate over vaccines.

Conservatives are being such flip-o-crits over the vaccine.
Conservatives are being such flip-o-crites over the vaccine.
by Danny Mullan December 9, 2021
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Nick name for a friend that you want to tease and joke with just so they can wonder what the hell
Get with the program flip-o-sqawllay.
by Berta222 February 28, 2019
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The act in which a male stands at the top of the staircase that mirrors the front door of an apartment while positioning his exposed asshole in the latter direction so that when his unsuspecting room mate walks in he is subjected to the image of what mildly resembles a chocolate frosted donut. In the moment of the room mates deer in the headlights gaze the man at the top of the stairs then does a backflip off the top step while spreading his asshole in the fashion of mouthing a satire while making a perfect 10/10 landing on his feet.
that motherfucker got me with the o flip the other day
by xzs January 2, 2014
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