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The NYRAA, or The National Youth Rights Association of Argonauts, was founded by a few ex-NYRA forum visitors, disgusted by the NYRA's lack of goodness. It's mission: inform people of the cancerous effects of NYRA (recorded examples- throat cancer, heart disease, obesity). Its members are called Argonauts after Jason's legendary band of warriors. This association promotes the Argonauts' rights in a world corrupted with the false NYRA. I cannot tell you the forum headquarters, which doubles as the forum for the Johnny Guadalupe webcomics, but I will tell you if you enter coolaviators in google, the second result might just be it. It may not be it, though. But it probably is. The NYRAA was founded by four members, under the pseudonyms of Johnny_Guadalupe, Harry_Callahan, AwesomeTitle, and Lord_Charlemagne.
The NYRAA is totally kicking.
The NYRAA is trippin'.
The NYRAA has a cool name.
by x127819x June 05, 2006
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