A way of Aionsource.com trying to "clean up the language" on the forum site. Replaces any "inappropriate word" with nyerk instead.
You type: You don't know what the fuck you are talking about you bitch ass cunt fuckface!

It posts : You don't know what the nyerk you are talking about you nyerk nyerk nyerk nyerkface!
by KAWKMONSTA August 26, 2009
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A common term on the Aionsource.com forums, it is used to replace any inappropriate language.

In the game Aion online, the term is used by the Shugos, a greedy race of awkward and furry animals

The term was carried on in a Newsome High School drafting class and was eventually changed to a expression, like pwnd.
Aionsource: Nerk you you freaking Nerk, go Nerk yourself

Expression: (someone just insulted someone) OH NYERK YOU JUST GOT PWND DUDE
by cpmflorida May 05, 2010
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