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Nyci is a type of rainbow fairy shape-shifter. This brilliant and stunningly beautiful being can transform into a multitude of creatively inspired variations of themselves, and have quite an alluring nature to them. If you spot a Nyci in her element, be aware that you may be blindsided by her enchanting presence and graceful dances. Nyci's can cause you to forget where you are or what you're doing because once you lay eyes on one, your mind can no longer logically comprehend your surroundings.

Beware, Nyci'S are wildly independent creatures, and must not be contained or defined by anyone or anything. Doing so is blasphemy because trying to encapsulate the pure magnificence of a Nyci would be doing an injustice to all of humankind. If you ever have the chance to encounter this beautiful being, you may consider yourself to be one of the most fortunate people in the world.
I thought I saw an angel but really it was a Nyci fairy casting brilliant orbs of rainbow juice into the atmosphere.
by Jackie Hannah May 29, 2016
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