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She is smart, amazing and everyone wants be her! She never gives up and has an amazingly personality! She makes everyone around her smile through tuff times! She loves having fun and always achieves what she works hard for!
OMG she is so unbeatable she must be a Nuzha!
by Nuzha November 19, 2016
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Nuzha is a beautiful and simple girl. She is intelligent. She seems timide when you first meet her but she is actually very talkative. Many people are jealous of her and talks bad about her but she is very open minded and does not care about what people thinks of her. She lives her life as she wants. She achieves what she wants. She is a bit immature and very sensitive. She will have a very handsome and nice life partner who will always love and protect her.
Nuzha is a wonderful girl and someone who will make laugh in your bad times. Never take her for granted otherwise it is you who will be the loser.
by Gkdvhksbhkbhkdn January 04, 2018
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