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DEF 1: The act of having a nutsack inside of your mcdonalds mcflurry

DEF 2: sex position- to put ice cream on your balls with a choice of either oreos or M&Ms. then your partners eats it off
cashier: hey, welcome to mcdonalds. Can i take your order?
customer: ummmmm... ill take a double cheese burger and and nutsack mcflurry. extra nutsack please?
cashier: okay you total is 4.79 sir. thankyou

Girl: oh baby let me have that nutsack mcflurry
Guy: do you want M&Ms or Oreos
Girl: surprise me baby
(guy comes back with oreos and icecream on his nutsack)
Guy: hows that nutsack mcflurry
Girl: ohh babeee its soo good.
by gangsta nig June 06, 2008
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