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A dreaded and utterly degrading term to describe an individual who has surpassed the level known as Grand Master Ballwasher (see ballwasher). This slimy, spineless, worthless piece of trash will typically not be satisfied with simple ball washing duties. This individual has stooped to the same level as the dog shit on the bottom of your shoe, performing such tasks as chatting the boss up about his son and his stupid hockey team, or becoming the office fix it guru - changing lightbulbs, washing windows or licking the bosses boots all day - discussing 300 ways on how to "make the office better". This will typically distract the "boss" from the nutgurglers true tasks, since the boss will now be enamored by the bliss of his golden boys suckling his big Jim and the twins.
"Jesus Christ, look - there he goes again. Third time this morning before 10 am he's been at Bill's desk telling the same stupid story. What a pathetic Nutgurgler."
by Darth Monkey April 25, 2004
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