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when some idiot comes and grabs your briefs in fronts and pulls
i was in 8th grade when i was making fun of some senior for being stupid so latter he found me andand gave me a nut wedgie and dragged me (in the nut wedgie position) and then he stripped me of my cloths and ripped my underwear off and threatened if anybody ever found out then he would kick me in the balls 1000 times
by hotty May 26, 2006
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a wedgie which grips firmly around your BALLS which causes a sufficating feeling and can be deadly to your goods
I have a bad nut wedgie
by weenie van jimmyhat June 21, 2004
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When ones underwear wedges in between testicle and leg, causing great discomfort.
"oh no, he must have a nut wedgie," said Chris looking at Dave in the corner pulling down awkwardly at his genital area.
by _Clum_ July 23, 2012
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