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A new word of Canberran origin, created by me.

1)A physical design that does that the opposite of its intended function. The design fault isn't simple human error just human idiocy.

2) An admistrative process that is counter-productive. The fault in the process isn't just a kink in the system but something that was intentionally planned.

3) Anything that is obviously illogical, shitty and insane that totally drives people mad but nobody does anything about.

Things that are nurturgulated differ from things that are just plain stupid in that the nurturgulist (someone who makes things nurturgulated) truly seems to believe that their idea is brilliant. verb: nurturgulate.
1) "That bus shelter is nurturgulated, it does lets the rain in."

2) Our health system is completely nurturgulated. Its designed so that that more people get less health care OR

"In an economic rationalist effort the government has sold a government departmental building it just spent million of dollars building especially for said department. Now the government department is leasing back space in the building so it will have a place for the public servants to work...for more money than it got for selling it."

"That's nurturgulated!"

3) "The answering service message says "Press the hash key or hang up the phone." why would I bother pressing the hash key if I'm going to hang up the phone anyway! That's nurturgulated!"
by K.C.D.L. May 25, 2004
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