when it is day time, but the sun is not shining. Such as a cloudy, or rainy day, but not night.
Dude, It's so cloudy out. This sucks.

I know man, I'm gonna go bask in the nunshine
by baked wordsmith February 14, 2011
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one of the sweetest people out there. you just have to know how to get into the good side of her. she's really approachable and she's just as kind. she's loyal to a fault. Usually too trusting. Hates lies. GIVE OFF EXPENSIVE GIRL SHT. If you have a nunshinee in your life, don't let her go!!!
"yo, you saw the girl talking to that new student?"
"yeah, she must be a nunshinee!"
by TTMMFLH August 4, 2022
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