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another word for condom. can also be used as doo-rag. It is also slang for a place to hide your weed. Another defiition is for it to be used as a verb meaning to hit in the balls from behind.
1. Bitch, put my nugpot on before we have raging sex.
2. Me and my nigs stole some new nugpots yesterday
3. Hurry, put that in the nugpot before the the landlord checks our room
4. Dude did you see me nugpot that fuckin homo.
by Fantasia DeepJugs February 29, 2008
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A small jar or container in which one carries/stores their marijuana buds.
I hoped you’d bring your bud out tonight. That’s a cool little nug pot.
by Topgun024 June 09, 2018
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