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A substitute teacher with one arm. Although not much is known about this poor woman, there are many myths, legends, and controversies. Some say that she lost her right arm during the first world war when a crate of rations that was parachuted from the sky landed on her, or that she lost it in a game of dice. Although no one knows the reasons behind the missing arm, the story of the nub and it's powers are certain. First it has the power to attach to anything to replace the missing arm. For example, after school hours, when she is not substituting, she attaches a stool to her nub and becomes an underground lion tamer.
It also has the power to knock down a mountain in one tap. Even though she only has half of a bicep, no one wants to tango with the nubsub.
Abraham: Yo my homie, where you are you going during 4th hour.

Oliver: I'm headed to English where we have the nubsub... (starts to cry)

Abraham: Oh snap! Make sure you watch out for her leathal nubjab.
by dwaynebank December 21, 2009
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