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An acronym that stands for "no problem, my pleasure".

Particularly useful in situations where someone thanks you profusely for something and you genuinely didn't mind doing whatever it was for them.

The use of the acronym allows you to express your feelings in a nonchalant manner so you don't seem too eager-to-please.

(Example Text Message Conversation)

Girl: "Thanks again for helping me jump-start my car today! I don't know how long I would've been stuck without you!"

Boy: "npmp yo, how'd the interview go btw?"

Girl: "Well I didn't get the job... they didn't like my nose piercing.."

Boy: "Wow.. really? I'm sorry to hear that. If you wanna come over we could smoke a couple j's and grab dinner."

Girl: "That sounds awesome actually. You're like my personal hero today, lol."

Boy: "npmp, lol."
by squashes August 19, 2012
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