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The act of using a nozzle to fuck someone or something, typically used in the nose region. Often nozzle fucking is a religious term used by the Vudamimes, the Vudamimes would insert a epidermalicall nozzle into the nasal cavity, immediately following, the Vudamimes would insert there penis inside the nozzle, is the penis is too small to reach the nasal region of the nozzle, the Vudamimes would shower the man with a small penis in riches, and then murder him in his sleep because he is a shame to the Vudamimes culture.
"Come we must partake in the ceremonial fucking of the nozzle brothers" - Common Vutamime

"My penis was satisfactory in the nozzle fucking ceremony" - Brother Vutamime
by Austin lindsay on youtube January 17, 2018
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