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someone who texts in the length of full length stephen king novels. adding way more useless information either completely steering away from the main topic, or the overall story is completely pointless. usually followed up by a short response by the opposing party that shows a general response that would most likely satisfy what the other said, assuming the recipient barely skimmed the text, for they didn't care.
josh: (novel txter)

"hey man so guess what emily just told me! she said that sara told her that i was one of the cutest guys at that party last night. which is funny because earlier that day i was talking to jim about how nervous i was to go to the party because last time i went partying i was "that guy" who broke down and cried about all his problems. i really havent been the same since, plus i just remembered i threw my favorite shirt in the wash like 10 mins before i got the txt about the party so i would have had to wait another like 45mins for it to finish the rinse cycle plus awhile to dry it and anyway long story short she said i was cute man"


" haha thats cool bro"
by apaul235 September 04, 2011
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